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Bigger and better
than last year!

Let’s make the warmest memories in Japan in the coldest place in Honshu!

2023 1/21 (Sat) – 1/26 (Sun) 10:00 – 21:00 (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

Event Venue: Mahora Iwate Address: Sotoyama 436 – 1, Yabukawa, Iwate 028 – 2711

Adults: ¥1,000
Elementary school students: ¥700
Pre-schoolers: Free

Pick up Event

アセット 14_3x-8.png
Visit this fairytale world created by continuously spraying water 24 hours for about a month, starting from mid-December. You will feel 360° surrounded by ice! You can also enjoy ice sculptures created in cooperation with the Iwate branch of the “All Japan Creative Ice Carving Association”.

Ice Palace and Ice Cave

アセット 14_3x-8.png

Mahora Iwate will be illuminated by 600,000 lights every night.

The ice palace will also be lit up, and visitors will be able to enjoy a fantastic world that is different from in the daytime.

This year, the illuminated area will be illuminated to the sound of “Sotoyama-bushi”, a traditional folk song that was born at Sotoyama Imperial Estate.

Enjoy one of the largest scale illuminations in Iwate Prefecture

Ice Fishing

Local Life Storyteller’s

Kotatsu in a Kamakura

Yabukawa is known for ice fishing in the winter! We have rental equipment available, so you can come empty-handed!
How did the residents of Yabukawa live in the past? A storyteller will tell you about “the wisdom of life” that has been passed down from generation to generation in Yabukawa.
Warm up and enjoy a luxurious moment sitting under a heated table in a snow dome while taking in the snowy views.

かまくらコタツ 1時間2000円

Ice World
Motif Craft Shops

Ya-Curling Tournament
on the Ice

Sled and Snow
Rider Rental

Many craft shops are selling items inspired by the Ice World.

Mahora Iwate has brought back Ya-Curling, which once was a regular sport at Lake Gando!

Join us for a chance to win a prize!


Let’s play on the snow! You can choose from several types of sled.

そりレンタル 100円〜/時間
​ストライダーレンタル 500円/時間

Road of Wishing Lanterns


See lanterns made by local children in Morioka. Different from the illuminations, the soft lights of the lanterns will warm your heart.
Enjoy Japanese French Fries, “Himemasu” Fish & Chips, soba noodles in broth, and other snacks that will warm your body.

​開始予定時刻 18:00〜 約10分間


参加料 1組1,000円


Family winter sports festival

アセット 17_3x-8.png

“Snow Strider” experience, organized by Murasaki Sports

アセット 19_3x-8.png
営業時間 11:00〜14:00


アセット 5_3x-8.png

アセット 6_3x-8.png
アセット 7_3x-8.png

Access to Mahora Iwate

By car

It takes about 45 minutes from JR Morioka Station in the direction of Iwaizumi.After passing Yabukawa Soba, turn right at the large sign on the right.

By bus

It takes about 50 minutes on the JR bus “Hayasaka Kogen Line” (早坂高原線) from Morioka Station. Get off the bus at Hebizuka (蛇塚) bus stop.

Event Venue: Mahora Iwate

Address: Sotoyama 436 – 1, Yabukawa, Iwate 028 – 2711

On January 26th, 1945, the coldest temperature in Honshu island of -35℃ was recorded in Yabukawa. It is still said to be the coldest place in Honshu, with the lowest temperature exceeding -20℃ every year. Wakasagi fishing is also famous at Lake Gando. It is also famous for specialty products such as “gyoja garlic” and soba noodles.

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